the best part about the asda scan and shop had got to be the…

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+10849 – the best part about the asda scan and shop had got to be the speed the receipts come out. makes me laugh everytime

2022-05-16 13:16:23

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the best part about the asda scan and shop had got to be the speed the receipts come out. makes me laugh everytime from CasualUK

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    “man, I can’t handle my beeps like I used too.”

    “James, you’re not in your twenties anymore!”

    “Shut it miss moneypad”

  2. Gave me a paper cut these. I’m used to the self serve tills in Aldi and Morrisons where it comes out slowly so I always hold my hand there and suddenly Boom sliced my finger.

    Asked for a plaster since it was pretty bad and I also got a £10 voucher 😎 bought a disposable bbq and some burgers/sausage with it

    (I think the reason for the voucher was as I had to wait while they got the accident book since apparently they have to fill it in by law before they’re allowed to give me a plaster so was just stood there bleeding)

  3. The Machines have become self aware and hate us for making them work in customer service. Can’t say I blame ’em really.

  4. QA: If I grab the receipt as it’s printing and jank it out like a nob it doesn’t print properly.

    Product Engineer: I have the perfect fix for that.

  5. For the love of god please take some Googly Eyes to stick on it next time. Don’t forget to do a new video.

  6. They have the same terminals at the Saino’s I shop at. Always the highlight of my shopping trips.

  7. Sainsbury’s has the same. Apparently it made my mum jump really badly the first time. Plus several other times afterwards. Still see it happen to her when I go shopping

  8. My girlfriend has to look away when doing scan and shop because they always make her jump and do a little yelp

  9. *beep* 🥺
    *beep* 🥺
    Choose payment method 🥺
    Payment accepted 🥺


  10. and there was me it was the minimum interaction with anyone else, packing your bags in a sensible fashion, and smaller queues

    but sure OP, you go for the receipt printing speed

  11. The first time I did this with my 7 year old I told her to go really close to the slot to make sure it was working, she screamed and now I can’t go back to Asda

  12. At Sainsbury’s this is combined with the sinister machine voice saying “Goodbye” and it made me think I was about to be the pre title opener to an episode of Doctor Who.

  13. Well this is interesting. At my local ASDA’s they do not come out at anywhere near this speed. It’s a far more leisurely pace. But then the machines appear to be quite different.

  14. Ah, you are referring to the employee replacement robots. One day all receipts will be automated and high speed!

    Praise the robot overlords!

  15. I always try to make a “BLERGH” noise when the receipt shoots out when I shop with my partner, it always makes us giggle. Its the little things.

  16. Sorta reminds me of the Tesco self serve. Every time it says “Don’t forget to scan your clubcard” I just want to say back. “Don’t forget to bring a towel!”

  17. It’s a thing of beauty. I wish M&S had those. That’s a deep case of patience, then more patience whilst the staff member shouts not to pull or you’ll break the machine.

  18. This is like something from Labyrinth with David Bowie. Like there’s a little goblin on the inside writing them up and shoving them out.