The Captains Burrito from Royal Rooster in San Diego….

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+3068 – The Captains Burrito from Royal Rooster in San Diego. Includes hash browns, sour cream, eggs, cheddar, and a griddled mix of chopped meats (ham/bacon/sausage/chorizo).

2022-06-23 17:33:30

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  1. The food there is awesome, but the owner is a total loose cannon. Check out the reviews for an entertaining read.

    Last I checked they had completely changed the menu and removed all the burritos. Hope this post means they’re back.

  2. I’m ashamed to say this as a Norcal native, but Socal makes better burritos.

    If the name of the restaurant ends in “-erto”, go get a burrito there. Alberto’s, Alerto’s, Roberta’s, they’re all good.

  3. A friend of mine wanted to show me this place when I visited, definitely going to give it a shot when I come back down

  4. I can’t wait until Star Trek food replicators are a thing. I mean sure, I’ll be dead in like two weeks but still.

  5. As a San diegan and burrito aficionado I’m shocked I’ve not been or heard of this spot. Thank you for sharing!

  6. While this would inevitably paint the bowl of my toilet later that day, I’d 100% go back knowing full well the consequences of my actions. That looks bomb af