The most unrealistic part of Space Jam was that Michael…

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+6589 – The most unrealistic part of Space Jam was that Michael Jordan lived in this house.

2022-06-24 01:31:01

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  1. I knew a guy whose dad lived next door to Michael Jordan when he lived in Birmingham (where his house in the movie would have been). It definitely was bigger than this house.

  2. Isn’t that the house that Happy Gilmore knocks a family out of early in his golf career – “beginners luck” “she shouldn’t have been standing there”

  3. In retrospect, yeah. That house is a bit too modest for someone making that much money *and* it does not have the kinda security someone that famous would want. 8-12 feet from the street to the door, no fence, not even a screen door? No way would he feel safe in those conditions

    Even still, I think it is a nice house

  4. Makes sense to me. They would need a prequel film that was a documentary of someone trying to navigate his real house just to get the scale right for Space Jam.

    Could call it Space, Damn!

  5. I am guessing that in 2022 America, there might be people who don’t even know who Michael Jordan is anymore. He was a giant in his time, but he retired, and that retirement decision wasn’t exactly yesterday.

  6. People saying “I thought this house was huge”

    This house IS huge, what are you on about!?

    It’s bigger than every place I’ve ever lived in if they were all placed next to each other!

  7. I think this would be a reasonable house for a player like Jordan. If I were a top tier NBA player, I wouldn’t buy a mansion with $100,000 in annual maintenance costs and another $100k in annual property taxes – that’s just poor planning. Especially when I’d want to have reasonably-sized houses in multiple places and provide for people I care about.

  8. I hate that we live in a time where I read this and think, “is that because he was so rich and this is a basic house or did he live in a high cost major metro and clearly couldn’t afford this?” Could go either way, honestly.

  9. I’ve been to Michael Jordan’s old house. One time for Halloween he had an entire McDonald’s setup in his house and he gave out Big Macs and fries to trick or treaters

  10. After losing all that money last year shorting a certain stock he probably couldn’t afford that house in this market now a days

  11. I thought the same. Also, that the neighborhood kids just go up and talk to him outside of the house like it’s nothing.

  12. I used to live near his Chicagoland house. Me and my friends would bike over there and just sit across the street waiting to see something when we were kids. He had this huge long driveway with big iron gates that said 23.