The Pistons select Jaden Ivey (G, Purdue) at #5

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+496 – The Pistons select Jaden Ivey (G, Purdue) at #5

2022-06-24 00:34:47

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  1. As a die hard Purdue fan, i promise you this kid will be a star in the next 3 years. Definitely getting me a jersey too, yall could be a problem soon!

  2. Random lurker here. Damn y’all got the closest thing to Morant’s explosiveness in the draft. I know the top 3 got something special that’s why they are higher but Ivey is definitely more fun to watch. Boy do needs to learn how to attack left. Excited to see how he and Cade develops. Pistons gonna be dangerous. Grats motown

  3. Why buy out kemba? If we’re gonna pay the money anyway might as well use him as a solid bench piece

  4. And Duren too! Plus most cap space in entire NBA? Need a stretch 4 and a free agent pure shooter.

  5. Bulls fan….and purdue grad….if he can improve his handles a bit and cut down on the turnovers…he can be super special.



    Words cannot describe how happy I am. Pistons just turned into must watch tv with that backcourt

  7. I get the feeling greatly wants to be in Detroit…

    Also man I remember his Dad, he was Battier’s running nate at Country Day

  8. It just occurred to me that I haven’t seen a basketball player cry tears of joy like that since…Steph Curry won the NBA championship. Think it was way back in 2022. Bodes well for our future.

  9. Just going over the roster depth of this team, especially if we sign Ayton.

    Cade PG
    Ivey SG
    Bey SF
    Beef Stew PF
    Ayton C

    Bench: Hayes, Olynyk, Diallo, Bagley, Livers, Garza

    Fuck yes!!!

  10. I’m a casual fan so bear with me: don’t the Pistons have enough guards as it is that are good? Why not draft a center or forward since that guy got traded last night?

  11. When Ivey was sitting there already losing it and shaking it made me get emotional. You could see how badly he wanted to go to Detroit and when he got his name called it was so fun to watch a guy be so happy to be in Detroit. Fuck those people that say people don’t want to be in Detroit. We are building something here. This is so fun.

  12. Can’t believe I’m late to comment—but to be fair I’ve beat off 4 times since the pick came in.