The Supreme Court is quickly eroding all common sense left…

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+57280 – The Supreme Court is quickly eroding all common sense left in this country.

2022-06-23 17:31:33

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  1. pretty soon the only way you’ll be able to get an abortion will to be get shot in the stomach

  2. This is much more significant than people are making it out to be. This is the Supreme Court saying enumerated rights (rights that are explicitly stated in the constitution) are absolute. Conversely they’re saying that *unenumerated* rights are to be left up to the states.

    To me this puts not only abortion on shaky ground as a federally protected right but also things like gay marriage, limits on free speech (hate speech), the right to travel, privacy, and **most of all** the right to fucking vote.

  3. Isn’t this exactly why the Republicans loaded the court under Trump? So they could turn your country into a batshit crazy shithole and murder everyone they don’t like?

  4. People need to stop pointing out that conservatives are hypocrites and start spelling out what their hypocrisy means. I don’t particularly care that Clarence Thomas is inconsistent when it comes to states rights; I care that he thinks the right to carry a gun wherever you go is worth protecting whereas a woman’s right to bodily autonomy is not. That’s the takeaway.

  5. Imagine if the 5th amendment was given out as a token if you were either a cop, knew someone high up, or were famous in a may-issue state. You see the thinking here? Ignore the 2nd amendment guns angle part of this ruling. Look at the bigger picture. Rights behind pay walls is fucked.

  6. I’m happy with the conceal carry law. I will be FURIOUS if they turn back Roe v Wade. I’m relatively conservative and I do not want abortions to be illegal. Don’t want one? Don’t fucking get one then. The LAST thing we need are more things taken away from us. We’ve had enough of that over the last 100 years.

  7. Agree with sentiment re: abortion rights vs gun rights, but this guy is absolute scum. He successfully defended Nestlé from prosecution from _former child slaves_ in front of the SCOTUS. That essentially codified legal child slavery as long as it’s outsourced.

  8. It’s not weird if you understand that the Supreme Court is an unelected political body run by an extremist Christian conservative majority. They cherry pick the constitution the same way they cherry pick the Bible in order to justify their political decisions.

  9. So by the same argument the supreme court gave government officials qualified immunity and cities and states sovereign immunity and in my opinion that should be revoked.

  10. 100% NOT weird for the people who refused to consider a Supreme court nominee because there was a year until the election and then approved a conservative one while people were actually voting in the next election

  11. New york was a “may issue” permit state, but what ever reason you gave was never good enough to actually get a permit, this was obviously unconstitutional.

  12. It’s very simple. If jebus said it it’s fine* if he didn’t say it it’s bad

    *Disclaimer jebus said literally nothing about both of these things so it’s up to use to shove our own opinions into his mouth because the son of God needs our help

  13. Umm the state still has to permit you but they can’t say no unless they have an actual reason like you are a criminal or have mental illness. Why are all the posts on here lies?

  14. That’s not what this decision says. It simply says may-issue for conceal carry is unconstitutional while leaving shall-issue to conceal carry licensing intact. This means that states need to provide a reason why a citizen should NOT be able to conceal carry (which has been determined to be an extension of the Second Amendment right to bear arms) in order to deny them a permit, rather than a citizen having to provide a reason why they should be able to get a permit. This is good because some states did not recognize self-defense as a valid reason to conceal carry, when in fact it is one of the most fundamental reasons to (they issued permits if there was a direct threat to life, but the definition was so narrow that it did not include against random attacks or stalkers, who rarely communicated so directly; it sometimes took years to get a permit).

  15. come on guys, on your side here, also really against the crazy republicans and pro lifers and scotus but that’s not what happened in NY. You’re making yourselves look bad, and uninformed.

  16. That’s not what it said it was about open carry and it says you don’t need to prove a need to carry

  17. ITT: People who don’t understand how “good cause” requirements for gun possession are a tool to further racist and classist ideals.

    The Supreme Court didn’t make it *easier* to get a gun or anything to encourage more gun violence; they removed the ability for the police or other government agents to arbitrarily deny reasonable forms of self defense to people, when those people otherwise meet all of the background check, training, and psychological requirements.

    Most gun crime is committed with guns that are illegally obtained and illegally carried. No mass shooting would have been prevented by the “good cause” requirement being kept or enforced.

  18. Y’all don’t want to admit that Justice Ginsburg really helped Republicans by not quitting when Democrats had a chance. Obama tried to politely nudge her and she flat out ignored him. But RBG is your warrior 🤷🏿‍♂️

  19. It’s like the right to bear arms is in the constitution and the right to abortion isn’t or something. Weird huh

  20. I’m pro-abortion and anti-gun, but these kinds of arguments don’t make sense to me. These are two separate issues and it makes sense that they would be handled differently. I live in a state where my idea’s don’t line up with the decisions of the state government. Of course I would like it if the federal government would overrule the states decisions but I am in the minority in my state, so more people would be pissed about that than happy. We have states for a reason, and someday I’d like to move. I agree with the politics here but not the argument.

  21. People need to remember the amendment process.

    Not to argue over interpretation, but right now the second amendment covers guns in **some** way.

    The 9th implies the right to an abortion, the 10th could make it a states Right, but that is open to interpretation, and it’s clearly not going well for us.

    There is a process in place to repeal the 2nd amendment, and that same process can be used to codify abortion as a Constitutional Right with a new amendment.

    Until this is done, bickering will go back and forth with every administration change.

    I fully support a women’s right to choose. My ex had an abortion when we were young, and we went on to have 4 children. The first was the right choice for her at the time, and every women *should* have that right.

    But if we can’t get an amendment passed, it does speak to the will of the people as a whole. Maybe it’s just ignorance, or sexism, or true religious beliefs. But if most of the country is opposed to something, it’s not something we can dismiss out of hand just because we don’t agree. Then it’s time to focus on education, and changing the makeup of the voting pool, and try again.

    There was a time when the public wasn’t ready to accept a Right. Slavery, women’s rights, these things were wrong before we passed amendments, but it’s likely the 13th and 19th Amendments would not have passed just 20 years before they did. The public wasn’t ready, and that is the battle we need to fight now, if we can’t win the war today.

  22. Guys. The Supreme Court was right on this gun decision. Read it. Use your brains.

    I’m liberal and I’m pro choice and I’m pro gun control. But this was the correct decision. May-issue permits are basically “if you’re rich or connected you can carry a gun, if you’re poor you can’t.” They’re wrong and they violate a constitutional ammendment.

  23. And also gutted the first amendment taking away States Rights when it comes to Separation of Church and State. One of conservatives favorite past times is skipping right over the first amendment and acting like the second is the most important right we have.

  24. It’s going to be fun to see all the celebrations of our Constitutional freedoms outside the justices’ houses.

  25. Seems like these supreme court guys n gals are pretty much ruling stuff over there.

    Kinda crazy that they can be so openly partisan.

    Looking from outside, I’d guess that individually there are a lot more democratic leaning than republican leaning people in America and yet the supreme court is uber right majority and will be for decades.