The temperature in Iran reached 52.2°C (126°F), the hottest…

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+4113 – The temperature in Iran reached 52.2°C (126°F), the hottest recorded on Earth this year

2022-06-23 15:54:38

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  1. That’s like when you get into your car on a hot day, only it won’t cool down after you open the door or window 😬

  2. How far do we have to go before severe mass casualty heat events? A week? A month? A year? A day?

  3. Climate change-related refugee events are going to come quickly & harshly. The fact that human society willfully let this happen is horrible by itself. But the realization that land/property rights will be one of the largest concerns for citizens of the Global North is just disgusting.

    When given the choice between death & survival, the threat of death-by-border-agent is still maybe a better outcome than baking in 140+ degrees. The neo-libs/neo-cons better think of a better reaction than more border security if they don’t want to genocide

  4. Might be for this year but Wikipedia says Death Valley Furnace Creek Ranch recorded 134.1 degrees back in 1913.

    Wikipedia also shows 7 other times it has been recorded over 126 degrees

  5. 🙁 none of my Apple devices would work.

    btw, you have to dress very differently when your 98 deg F body temp is the relative *cold spot* around!

  6. I just brought some water to 52.2 and OMFG. That is alarmingly hot. How many creatures died?

  7. I was in Djibouti in 2010 and it was 60° c everyday. It was during Ramadan, we’d start work at 3:00 in the morning to avoid the worst heat of the day. I don’t see how this is the record but I don’t know

  8. And still the fossil fuel kings are determined to block any regulation of the burning of fossil fuel.

  9. It’s so nice where I’m at. I keep musing that climate change will make where I live cooler and more temperate lol.

  10. Heck yea and they made the women walk around in black niqabs lol or excuse me, I don’t think they condone them leaving the house very much

  11. I love the fact it’s had to be stated that Iran is on the Earth…. Wow. How dumbed down do we have to be nowadays.

  12. The majority of people I have encountered in the Middle East and Pakistan are conspiracy theorists (blame their historical governments), and don’t believe in human caused climate change.

    Maybe they need to sweat a bit to get the fucking picture.

  13. i guess we’ll get up to 150 at some point? can’t even imagine 126, jesus christ. and i live in oklahoma, which is a top heat state for summer. i think the hottest it ever got here iirc(when i was here) was in the low to mid teens. 112 or something.

    and it got that hot back in the day too, before ac. i can’t even imagine.