The two sides of mankind

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+1536 – The two sides of mankind

2022-05-16 17:34:35

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  1. Not her saying this and walking into dragcon in a fashion nova looking ass dress. No hate to the FN queeeens but it looks like the pot calling the kettle black to me!

  2. I’m so both.

    I’m here for these takes, I LOVE that she has these takes. They’re completely and FACTUALLY wrong, but I love them none the less

  3. I’m team Bosco, because Gia is a fcking clown and i love her for it. Dunno why people take her srsly after all these years lol.

  4. Gia does it for the shock and for her brand! I’d take it like it is just Gia being messy for the sake of it. I don’t know why people still think she’s being sincere (even if it is rude) in any way shape or form.

  5. I’m team Bosco, people littrally act like she’s a white house press secretary and not a flippant showgirl with a twitter

  6. Gia’s a mess, but I think that there’s room in the drag-verse for a little campy bitchiness and it’s not even like she directed it at anyone in particular. It doesn’t all need to be rainbows and sunshine, people are taking Ru’s “drag is a collective therapy session” mindset too seriously.

  7. Love Gia for causing shit.

    Like did you all miss her all stars season when she was a literal demon to poor Farrah?

    This tweet is 100% on brand for Gia and I LIVE for the reactions it’s getting ahhahaha

    She knows how to stay relevant.

  8. I think you can feel however you want to feel about her comments. If I was a queen in one of the pandemic seasons and never did a drag con, I would be excited to meet my fans, sell my merch and showcase my looks. I would definitely feel some type of ways from Gia whom i have never met before.

  9. People say what people say, it’s up to us how we react.

    I am here for Bosco, because Gia has been giving us crazy aunt that you love, but ignore every time she opens her mouth for years.

  10. I literally agree with both of these points at the same time lol. Heidi’s point makes more sense but my initial reaction was the same as Bosco’s

  11. I feel when it comes to twitter don’t take certain shit like this seriously it just comes across as someone taking it as a personal attack tbh 😬

  12. People who get the joke vs. People who don’t think Gia has built up enough of a shit-talker brand to pull off this shade.

  13. I think Gia’s post reveals a major issue with the fandom. Y’all love a good shade/read but a lot of times it depends on who it’s coming from. Cause had this came from some of the comedy queens this reaction would’ve overall been much different.

  14. I was already not liking Gia, and then the whole Farrah thing and the Covid thing. I don’t care if she’s a troll, I don’t like her.