This is very easy.

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This is very easy. from dankchristianmemes

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  1. Haha! Everytime I’m just like, “look…you shouldn’t expect to be able to understand a being such as God. If he exists, you should expect to be completely marveled everytime you try to grasp his nature.”

  2. I equate God to an Apple for this. An Apple has 3 main parts, the Skin, the Flesh and the Seeds (or Core if you want). The Skin is different from the Seeds and the Flesh, and so on, but together they all make up an Apple.

    Edit because of all the replies:

    I don’t believe in Partialism, I’m not heretical, it’s not a perfect metaphor

  3. “It doesn’t make sense but its true because I don’t understand it” – a lotta people in this thread

  4. Non-Catholic here: what the fuck is the Holy Ghost??

    I know Jesus, and I know god, but what’s this goofy third thing doing haunting everyone? Where does it come from in the Bible, cause to me it would seem to just be more “god”. Jesus is the man, god is the deity, what else is there?

  5. I never bothered trying to understand the Trinity. I figured that was like trying to visualize 11 dimensional space.

    We can observe three three-dimensional shadow of a hypercube, but that does not give us the full version of its essence.

    God is a hyperdimensional being and cannot be fully comprehended by three dimensional meatbags with finite lives.

  6. I always find it so strange how you take a religion worshipping a single God, then some dude shows up and is like “I’m his son you gotta worship me instead!”

    Then proceeds to perform miracles which Satan could likely perform, of we are to believe he had any possibility of fulfilling any of his temptations of Jesus.

    So how do you know you should worship him when there’s only a single God? Enter one more, trinity. Either Jesus is right and if you don’t worship him you are going to hell or he played everyone and Godll be like “I literally said no other gods before me and you’re worshipping my son… because he said so? you fucking dumb my child.”

  7. wild how you guys have the least offensive meme sub on reddit even a trans athiest like me can enjoy the sub, heckin wild man

  8. I imagine it as a trident being dipped into water. It’s all part of one greater being, but only three points of it manifest in our world.

  9. The trinity is an equilateral triangle.

    If you change an angle, it’s not equilateral anymore.

    If you change the length of a side, it’s not equilateral anymore.

    If you remove a side, it’s not a triangle anymore.

    If you make the Father, Son, or Holy Spirit more or less important, it isn’t the Trinity anymore.

    If you omit the Father, Son, or Holy Spirit, it isn’t the Trinity anymore.