This little guy is one of two that were found at the city…

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+4088 – This little guy is one of two that were found at the city junkyard yard and my in-laws decided to home both. He’s such a little schmoozer.

2022-06-23 16:37:12

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702 shares, 852 points


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  1. Oh toes shoes have gotten fancy. I have some of the old school types still. Used to wear them a lot and learned quick they suck when walking on a rocky/bumpy/gravelly area lol.

    Those kittens are about to be spoiled rotten aren’t they lol

  2. My grandma had a Russian blue whose official name was Leo, but she almost always called him schmoozer. Her reasoning for that was that he liked to schmooze the ladies haha.

  3. Illegally smol, illegally cute, detain for further questioning. Neck scratches, and cuddling will be required.

  4. I love these photos, but I always wish I could get to see (an approximation of) the cat’s point if view….

  5. 1. This would make the perfect cellphone wallpaper!
    2. r/pointytailedkittens 🙂
    3. I see someone already mentioned *that* subreddit. It’s a good one! TBH that’s where I thought at first this had been posted.

  6. Don’t really care about people’s personal footwear choices . The kitty’s pretty damn scary though 😬 and needs cuddles .

  7. Aww!

    Mister is thinking *Hmm…I wonder if I can jump all the way up to the top of this hooman’s head?*