Thursday Boots Co Suede Chukka full restoration. It turns…

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+4389 – Thursday Boots Co Suede Chukka full restoration. It turns out they were olive green. It’s incredible what quality leather can come back from.

2022-06-23 11:09:48

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  1. I never thought I’d be interested in leather boot restoration, but here I am! Very cool process and thorough explanation. The boots look fantastic now!

  2. My boyfriend is vegan, and generally doesn’t like using leather. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t like mass-produced beef practices.

    But at the same time, this is a _solid_ argument for the use of leather instead of synthetics, which are all invariably just different forms of plastic. These leather boots might last you a generation or two if well cared for, and . You’d be lucky to get 6 months out of some mass-produced skechers. Similarly to coats and clothes; I have a leather jacket handed down from like, 60 years ago, and while a little faded, it still works great. And when I do retire it, it will rot and decompose. Meanwhile the polyester bomber jacket I got from TJMaxx started to fall apart after two washes, and it’ll sit in a landfill for the next couple hundred years if I toss it.

    Of course, leather is harder to work, so it would be more expensive up front… which is probably the bigger/root issue. Maybe if we invested in tougher materials or designs that could be more easily repaired, we’d make things a bit less wasteful. But… eh, I can’t see things trending that way.

  3. I have a pair of Thursday boots. Whatever the moc-style boot is. They are good looking shoes.

    Personally I never really liked suede because I think keeping them nice would be more difficult. Good job restoring them.

  4. This is really cool, and something I wish more people knew was possible and knew how to do! Maintaining, repairing, and mending things that still have a lot of life in them is so much better—financially, environmentally, and beyond—than having to buy brand new stuff all the time.

  5. >they are exactly what I look for in “restoration” candidates. The soles are still in great shape

    are you not able to replace the soles?

    I have a pair just like this (not from Thursday boot company) that i would love to get repaired, but all the damage is to the soles. Both inside and out.

  6. Here just to promote Thursday Boot Comapny as one of the best hands down. Reasonably affordable compared to most other big boot brands and insane quality.

    Takes a while breaking them in, but once they’re formed to your feet they’re insanely comfortable. Highly recommend.

  7. Amazing. I’m in the middle of trying to rescue a pair of light tan suede Mephisto Mobils. They don’t have to be perfect. They just need to not have the stains they’d accumulated and look decent.

  8. Excellent job, dude! I’ve had my eyes on this very boot for a while, and this may have just sealed the deal.

  9. I’m glad to hear that Thursday boots are seemingly decent quality then? Their constant ad spam had me thinking they were another company buying cheap overseas and flipping for a massive price hike just to eventually disappear into the wind. Lol.

  10. I was surprised when I had to replace my casual boots a few years ago at how many cobblers online show love for Thursday Boots. I have a pair of White’s and never even considered TB because they’re in the same price range as cheaper ones I’ve owned like Aldo, but now I’ve got 2 pair that are still going strong.

  11. Bought my Thursday boots for $200 6 years ago. Re-soled them for $140 a few years later. Still look and feel great. Would recommend.

  12. This is awesome. Whenever I see really unique posts like this on this sub, I always wonder how people learn these types of very specific skills.

  13. Is it worth it to resole your boots? I’ve got a pair of Thursday boots (tobacco) and it’s nearly the same cost to replace as it is to repair!

  14. Thursday fascinates me, seems like they make a quality product ethically at a great price.

    I wish I liked the shape of their dress shoes more.

  15. This post is a work of loving care, much like the restoration of the boots.

    Props and thanks to OP; the beauty of Reddit.

  16. Thanks OP. They look enough like Civil War period brogans to pass inspection. And there’s no doubt they’re more comfortable.

  17. >It’s incredible what quality leather can come back from.

    I had a leather belt that I forgot to unpack after a backpacking trip. It was wet from sweat and left wrapped in a plastic contractor trash bag for months. When I re-found it, it had molded and then dried completely. I couldn’t hardly even unroll it.

    I had to soak it in soapy water to make it pliable again, then another soak in clean water. After it dried out again (but not completely) I started working beeswax waterproofer into it with a heatgun. That leather soaked up the wax like a sponge and it would get hard when it was cold out. 3 years later and it’s as flexible and supple as when I bought it, although it is now a bit stained from age/wear/use.

  18. Dang, I have a nice suede jacket that I stained and thought was toast, but this gives me hope. Is the leather care steps here something that could be done to jacket suede too?

  19. Synthetic options have a way to go before it will match leather for durability and comfort, that’s for sure. It’s a real conundrum for some people, because it can be a choice between wearing dead animals on your feet, or fast fashion.

    Edit: please, no jokes about it being better than wearing live animals on your feet.

  20. Hi OP. Thanks for sharing this amazing journey. The shoes look beautiful.

    You seem much more well learned in the matter so I’ll ask, is there anyway prevent lines/wrinkles (i hope im making sense) on leather shoes? I have an amazing pair of black leather shoes but I keep getting these weird wrinkles on it. Is there anyway i can keep the leather in good quality?

    Much appreciated!

  21. Are Thursdays any good? Instagram keeps shoving them down my throat and I do want a pair of nice boots.