[Uncanny X-Men Vol.3 #3] Cyclops Was Right

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+2391 – [Uncanny X-Men Vol.3 #3] Cyclops Was Right

2022-05-16 17:30:32

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  1. I LOVE Chris Bachalo’s costume designs during this run. This is one of my favorite versions of Scott both from a character perspective as well as for his costume. It’s just ridiculous and badass.

    I also really love Magneto’s black and white costume during this series.

    I also love how this more extreme version of Scott still manages to work with the current more chill version. This was at a time where mutants had yet again just lost their only strong hold when Utopia fell during Schism. Now that mutants are united on Krakoa and are taking a more extreme and proactive approach to establishing themselves in the world Scott can relax and let people like the Quiet Council handle more of being a hard ass.

  2. I don’t understand why Carol didn’t have a bigger role during the whole AvX/post AvX debacle. She was the X-Men’s biggest ally in the Avengers and they completely sidelined/omitted her history in favor of having everyone else butt heads with Cyclops. She could have actually tried to listen to Cyclops and come to understand him. It’s sad how this is the biggest impact she had during that time.

  3. I was ultimately frustrated by how this run seemed to go nowhere and fizzle out (and bringing back the classic X-Men with a whisper of an explanation was a nightmare), but damn if that Cyclops design isn’t incredible.

  4. Cyc was ALWAYS right. Even about trying to get the X-Men to play volleyball in the swimsuit issue.

  5. How is mutant persecution still this big of an issue? Are people going after someone like “Hey, that kid is shooting fire, get him!” and if that kid is just like “No, it’s cool, my dad is an alien lava monster” they will just leave him alone?

  6. This is my Cyclops! I had just gotten into reading comics regularly when this Uncanny run started and I could never get enough of Scott’s attitude in this series. I think it’s kind of a shame that this series never really built up to much, but the character writing hit close to home in moment like these pages.

  7. I catched a hint of current racial problems, was this speech based on it? Someone knows?

  8. Just read this last week and screen-capped this exact page. Cyclops is great during this run.

  9. The best honest, people could randomly gain the ability to kill everyone they look at, control the weather, read minds, walk through walls, then you bet your ass people who want that shit regulated and controlled.

    Especially if you had people whose powers were “blow up the whole school when stressed” or “liquify anyone in a quarter-mile area.”

  10. Yes Cyclopes is right, and I absolutely get the metaphor the x-men represent, BUT, the problem is there is a giant difference for irrationally fearing someone because they look or act different and (imo) rationally fearing a teenager that could blow your head off from a mile away because they are in a bad mood. My point is, both humans and mutants are right.

  11. I don’t read comics much but loved X-Men as a kid. I read this run and really liked it, and was bummed that it just fizzled into nothing. I was enjoying those characters.

  12. The Avengers being sanctimonious about Cyclops killing Xavier was ridiculous. He was possessed by the Phoenix Force. Wanda committed genocide with less excuse and she’s still an Avenger. Wolverine spent decades as a murderous feral monster and they didn’t have a problem with having him on the team. Deadpool has been an Avenger and he’s literally a paid murderer.

  13. I wish xmen media would stop making cyclops a huge loser to make wolverine look better when cyclops is a suberp character in his own right

  14. I usually ride the bandwagon of “cyclops sucks” but he definitely has his moments. And this suit is probably the best suit he’s ever had

  15. I just finished Immortal Hulk over the weekend, and that’s another series that really underscores that the Avengers are a bunch of fucking fascists

  16. Right about what exactly? That mutants are persecuted? Haven’t we known that since 1963? Right about being militant instead of pacifist? Seems like militance is winning that debate ever since these issues and into the Krakoa era.

  17. Cyclops is Right was probably the most toxic the X-Men fandom ever got. I *hated* Cyclops during this run, until eventually so realized that no, I actually just love watching bad things happen to him.

    Running away to start a child commune in the woods is just another in a long line of what we ought to call “Madeline Pryor” incidents, where Cyclops makes one of his famous Good Decisions™ that utterly blows up in his face.

  18. One thing that never made sense is that in a world where people derive their powers from all sorts of sources why would mutants be treated differently than the Avengers? How would any person know if the person with super strength has a mutant gene or got his strength from a serum?