weapons slander: part III

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+6372 – weapons slander: part III

2022-06-23 11:49:49

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weapons slander: part III from titanfall

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352 shares, 817 points


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  1. Oh shit I better start using wingman cause I dress like that lol

    Unrelated, but what is the song called?

  2. I don’t get the Wingman, the elite version is an ok weapon but the regular version is straight up garbage. Also can relate to the MGL.

  3. Here I go, maining the Wingman again.

    Guys, just for the info, all you have to do to get the free dress is email the game devs and tell them you main Wingman. Dress will arrive through postage in roughly 5 working days.

    Happy femboying.

  4. That maid dress on the left? Yes. The cat ears? No.

    *This is just my opinion about wanting to wear this*

  5. I’m a simple man, I see a femboy I upvote.

    Also I guess this means I need to use the Wingman.

  6. I am not that imbedded in tf2 community, but I feel like I don’t see enough of my fellow EPG gang flying through the air. EPG TILL WE RIP

  7. Damn, better start getting better at wingman elite, I aspire to be able to pull that outfit off

  8. P2016 is a primary weapon, what do you mean? It’s also a anti titan weapon, it just looks like a pistol.