We’ve heard all the awful stories of women getting roofied….

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+5650 – We’ve heard all the awful stories of women getting roofied. I’m curious tho, if any men have had a roofy experience? What happened?

2022-06-23 15:22:31

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  1. Once.
    It was at a pub, pretty sure they were going to rob me. I was lucky, had a mate there who looked after me and took me home.
    It was a weird experience though, only got halfway through my drink before I started feeling it. Less than 10 minutes later and I couldn’t hold up my head or speak properly. Really don’t wanna think about what would’ve happened if my mate wasn’t there. Whatever they used, I don’t think it wasn’t a roofie since I could remember everything, but it must have been some kind of sedative.

  2. One time I was traveling on my own, ended up at a club for a party with a group of people I met there.

    Met more people at a party and one of them, a guy also, spiked me with what I think was GHB.Next thing I remember I was following him somewhere, it was dawning or there was some light out, and something on my mind was saying “no! danger!” but I kept following him and he was pulling me through the sleeve of my hoodie.

    It was a little bit out of body, honestly, I repeated a few times to myself that I would go and eventually told him – he insisted for me to follow him, pulled me.I got aggressive, and told him I was going back to my hostel and that was it.

    Took me a while to figure out where I was, 40min walk to the hostel needed to clear my head and even then still kinda “blurry”.

    The only way to describe it to you is “Do you know when you blackout during a night out?” if you say yes then it was like that but I blacked out and “woke up” during the same night without touching a bed.

    Edit: A few years prior to that I had been spiked from sipping a friend’s drinking and I had read the effects of GHB so I assume that, in both cases, they were the same. The first since I only sipped I felt like the beginning of ketamine or a strong tranquilizer but I could handle it, tossed the drink never found out who did it.

  3. drugged, robbed, and assaulted at a party.. hell, even tried telling folks and to this day people think i just over indulged, saying things like “you’re crazy why would anyone ever do that to “you” of all people?” or “i think you were dreaming?”

    2 beers won’t put down a big guy without help, 2 beers won’t make me lose my wallet and keys, 2 beers wouldn’t make me question how i ended up with a condom on and my pants around my ankles.

    i see “false masculinity” being cited as a reason for not saying anything, truth is no one believes it could happen to men.

  4. Knew a guy who believed he got roofied at a bar by another guy in order to get him out of contention for a woman they were both interested in. Said he had one drink and apparently friends found him passed out on the mens room floor and had to carry him out.

    Craziest story though – my daughter has two guy friends who claim they were roofied at some girls house, and that girl and one of her friends essentially raped them. One of them vaguely remembers some the events, the other remembers nothing, but both say the physical evidence was pretty clear on what happened.

  5. Never spiked with GHB so not “roofied” in the traditional sense. But yes, I have had my drink spiked.

    A guy who didn’t like me put a few tabs of acid in my beer “for a laugh”. I took mushrooms quite regularly at the time, but never touched acid because I was scared of it.

    Needless to say, I freaked out. Had troubles with panic attacks for a few years afterwards. Definitely feel that it negatively affected my mental health in the longrun too.

  6. I was getting drinks with my girlfriend and another couple. The girls wanted to go to a different bar so they gave me their drinks to finish. I remember walking down the street and then I woke up 2 days later. Apparently I didn’t act all that different, but they could tell I was pretty fucked up. I don’t remember anything except leaving the first bar.

    After I went into work and told a friend, and then my boss made fun of me. When I went to the doctor to get a blood draw so I wouldn’t get fired over a random urinalysis result, I just got laughed at again. I just kept getting told that no one would roofie me. I tried explaining the situation but no one cared.

  7. Been roofied twice, once at a bar, another time at a concert.

    The one at the bar, some woman tried to grope and kiss me but my friends could spot that something was wrong and took me home.

    The time of the concert, I did wake up the next day in a random apartment building pretty much in another city with a teacup on my crotch.

    It’s scary when you have 0 recollection of anything happening.

  8. A good friend of mine. He was at a house party and someone slipped something in his drink. He says he doesn’t remember anything until about 12hrs later and that he thinks someone raped him. He wouldn’t report it or anything because he would have to tell people what happened.

  9. I got roofied by two girls in college. They brought me back to one of the girls apartment and tried to do things to me. They were friends of mine at the time. I woke up the next day not knowing what happened but knew I hadn’t drank enough to black out. One of the girls brought me a coffee in the morning.

  10. Not me but a close friend was doing a study abroad with a mixed group of guys and girls about 9 or so people in total. While visiting Ireland at a pub he ordered 5 beers for his friends. In hindsight the person that roofied his drinks must have thought he was buying drinks for the ladies when in reality the drinks were for all the boys. That night was a crazy one and they tell this story while laughing through it, one man left the bar and took off running and woke up the next day in a farm field. Another guy was found a few towns over after taking a bus home. The other two were luckily taken care of by the girls of the group and made it home safely. Not sure if I do this story justice but it was a wild experience for those involved.

  11. Me and my brother have both had something slipped into our drink. For my brother, his friends rescued him because some woman was tring to drug him up and rob him. For me, I was with a group of friends and I was the “boss” at work, and I think one of them drugged me for fun. Never been that messed up before or since. I didn’t report it, but nobody molested me either.

  12. I was roofied and sexually assaulted by a college girl. This was back when I was in college, the heyday of Facebooks initial release in 2005/6. I went to a party on another campus and was asked what I’d like to drink by a group of girls. They huddled around the fridge for a bit, and I didn’t really think anything of it. I kid you not, halfway through this drink (first of the night) I was blacked out.

    My friends went on the hunt for me when I disappeared and they were ready to leave. They found me passed out in the laundry closet with this sober, albeit heavier set, girl on top of me. I had a girlfriend at the time and absolutely no recollection of how I got there. Needless to say my friends managed to get me out of there ASAP. I had no idea who this woman was, but they said she was on those huddled near the fridge.

    This shit happens to guys, but it doesn’t go reported because of bullshit false masculinity ideals. Needless to say, I don’t drink anymore.

  13. I was roofied once on accident by a guy who was trying to roofie a girl at a house party. Kinda felt like I took one for the team. I was not “assaulted” but lots of people had stories about how weird I was behaving that night which I have no memory of to this day. And I hadn’t drank much thst night. So no way it was alcohol alone.

    One of my roommates had a super sketch friend who bummed around on peoples couches. He was trying to get this girl to take a shot which she didn’t want so I took it instead. A few minutes after that Was the last thing I remember about that night. I had only had like one drink before that so no way was alcohol alone. Some girl later accused thst guy of rape and I testified to the police against him. I didn’t really understand what had likely happened at first. Was only later after the other rape accusation and the reflection about how little I had drank and how extreme the effect was that I believed that I had actually drank that girls roofied shot for her. So I likely stopped her from getting raped.

    I hated him but couldn’t legally make him go away because he was constantly invited by my roommate. Was during the recession and I was in a super bad financial position at the time but managed to assemble the cash to move out and get away from these sketchy people.

    Can only imagine how traumatizing that experience could be for someone if the whole intended event had happened.

  14. Personally I’ve never had my drink spiked but I’ve been with a friend when it happened to him.

    He was just acting incredibly drunk at first. In the taxi on the way home, he just got out, the light changed green and the taxi driver said he’d go but pull up close by so we could go get him. We couldn’t spot him and I didn’t hear from him until the next day.

    He’d passed out on the street and had managed to call a friend before his phone died (idk why he hadn’t rung me), but he got picked up and was fine but he says he doesn’t remember anything from that night basically.

  15. I was at a bar with some friends. I had only had three drinks in about three hours as I was shooting pool and was otherwise occupied.

    We left and went across the street and we ordered. I had a beer and went to the restroom.

    Finished the new beer and started another and suddenly I felt like I was utterly hammered, like more drunk than I’ve ever been. Just wasted and out of it. No way that four beers had done that.

    I was offered a ride home by one of the friends in the group. I declined and said I’d walk. The insisted, demanded they give me a ride home. I angrier said no and walked home. Probably the longest 2nd or walk I’d ever had.

    The next day I had a splitting headache and just felt sick.

    I know someone doped me up, and I believe it was the “friend” who so adamantly demanded giving me a ride home knowing full well I had walked home leaving my car behind dozens of times before and they never argued then.

  16. I voluntarily took a roofie for the experience. It was a safe place with good friends, so it was more just to see what it was like. I had one glass of wine, then pretty much would fall asleep on the spot, occasionally waking up for a few seconds, but couldn’t fight the need to sleep again.

    Another time I was passed a joint at a concert that was laced with PCP. That was not a fun night.

  17. My husband and his male friend got roofied at a bar. My husband even took a picture of the drink and later when he looked you can see the pill. But i guess they got in a huge fight. My hubby grabbed his friends dick and tried to rip it off. The hubby crapped himself. I guess his friend stole a boat moter. It was a hell of a time i guess. I wasnt there. Oh i guess his friend took a bush and replaced the boat moter.

  18. My friend, a big guy of Ukrainian heritage, was having his goodbye party from his employer, we were all out at a bar.

    At one point, this asshole sat down beside him and a female colleague of his. She said “Excuse me!”, implying that he leave. He got up and put his hand on the table in front of my friend.

    But that asshole actually slipped a roofie into a drink, but instead of going into the drink of that female colleague of my friend, it went into my friend’s drink instead, which he continued to down quickly.

    After a few minutes, my friend, a 183 cm (6 feet) guy, got up and fell face first on the floor. We took him to the hospital and they helped him.

    Everyone thought he got brutally drunk, but the hospital proved that he was roofied.

    Be careful out there, folks!

  19. I was “accidentally” roofied at a party by my girlfriends male friend once. He made her a drink, I didn’t like the vibe he was putting out so I swapped drinks with her. About half way through I’m black out toasted and don’t remember the rest of the night. Apparently my girlfriend put me to bed in her bed and shortly after that her friend left.

    I confronted him about it and he denied it. I told her about it and she told me she knew he did it to other people but would never do it to her. I told her she shouldn’t be friends with people who drug people against their will, and she disagreed so we split.

  20. I voluntarily took a tablet I was told was something else. Turns out it was a roofie. I don’t think anything bad happened to me as I had friends looking out for me but I did wake up two days later in a different city with no memories of what had happened. My mates said I was sleeping with my eyes wide open.

  21. Used to go to a neighborhood pub. There was this lady there who was a regular with a real piece of shit for a boyfriend.

    The lady was no gem either. One time she tried aggressively flirting with me and two other regulars. We declined her advances ad nauseum. When she went to leave I was out having a smoke and she tried to kiss me. Dodged the kiss, she called me gay. Whatever, real piece of work.

    It was on a separate visit at the same bar, I left my drink because most people there were chill and the bartenders all knew me and usually looked out. Was on a sort of date at the time.

    A bit later I’m in the bathroom on the toilet, struggling to maintain consciousness. Everything went black, and I was high or whatever. Felt like my heart was slowing down. I remember feeling a sort of calm, and trying to will myself back to life.

    I came to, vomited everywhere in the stall. Went to wash up in the bathroom sink. Noticed I was pale and my lips were blue. Went out, told my date I wasn’t feeling well and went home.

    Saw her and her boyfriend around after that. Just ignored them mostly.

    Not sure what they slipped me honestly. Closest google led me to might’ve been ketamine.

    Edit: people are saying it wasn’t ketamine. Still a mystery.

  22. The waiter at the South Beach restraunt I was at roofied me thinking it was my dates drink. I woke up an hour later in the ambulance and they arrested him.

  23. I was on a customer security course recently. Trainer mentioned that sometimes a date rapist will spot a couple, like the look of the girlfriend and drug the boyfriend to get him out the way.

  24. There was a guy in my dorm freshman year who roofied himself because he wanted to know what it was like. At least that’s the excuse he gave. He ended up in the hospital because someone saw him walking on train tracks on a very active railroad.

    He was the weirdest sketchiest guy I ever met and I warned every woman he brought back about him. If he is willing to roofie himself as a test then he 100% is willing to roofie women. A couple times he would come home with a date that looked belligerent and I had to intervene and suggest she go to the hospital. Even had to get the RA involved when he refused to let them go. Jake, if you see this, you’re an asshole.

  25. Happened to a buddy of mine about 20 years ago. Two women repeatedly drugged and raped him for 2 days. They both ended up getting pregnant. Crazy thing for them is that they videotaped all of it. The detective told my friend that he wouldn’t have believed him if it wasn’t for the videotape

  26. Years ago I went out with two girls I knew. They were getting drinks at the bar from some guys that were hitting on them and then proceeding to give them to me. Being a bit younger, less well off, and somewhat of a heavyweight when it came to drinking I didn’t think twice about getting free drinks this way.

    For reference…normally, at the time I could have drank a 750ml bottle of 80-100proof whatever by myself and still be cognizant of what was going on, direct myself home, and all that good stuff. Never had any hangovers even on my 21st birthday and would wake up at around 7am regardless of how drunk I got with no alarm. There’s only been a handful of times in my life I’ve woken up past 11am.

    This time after only my second drink of the night I blacked out something serious. I woke up the next day with my coat and shoes on with probably the meanest headache I’ve ever had at 3pm. I had zero motivation to get out of bed and literally had to ask my roommates to get me some food and water, even trying to text them for help at that point felt like a crazy amount of effort. I ended up feeling better by around 8pm and reached out to my friends to ask about the night before. Apparently I was acting super careless about everything but also energetic at the same time, par for the course but just on a whole different level.

    I’d gladly take that bullet again to keep any of my friends from going through it, or being assaulted, but that shit was not fun.

  27. guy tried to roofie me in a club once. I caught him out of the corner of my eye and told the bartender I needed a new drink and the reason. She got the bouncers and they took care of the issue.

  28. I have a friend, that went out parting with his best male friend, and somebody roofied his cup, and he died.

    Not much stories, but one of the hardest I’ve heard

  29. I got roofied by a guy who was obviously trying to target my girlfriend and I didn’t catch on. I completely blacked out at a NFL game and woke up in our hotel with no clue how I got there. I spent about 12 hours dry heaving in the toilet afterwards.

    All in all, it fucking sucked but my girlfriend wasn’t assaulted so I’ll take that black out over that anytime.

  30. I believe I was roofied one night several years ago. My friends and I decided to get a hotel room and go out in a nearby town we never go out at. We went to a few establishments two of which were gay bars that my friend wanted to go to. I believe it happened at the first one because shortly after leaving, I began to do and say things way out of character for me. I was not drunk only mildly buzzing but suddenly I’m really out of it. I can’t focus on anything and can hardly speak. My friends told me at one bar I went to order a drink and was an asshole to the bartender because I couldn’t speak and when he asked for money I threw my wallet at him and walked off. Thankfully he was an absolute saint and returned my wallet to my friends with everything in it. I somehow convinced a woman I had just met to drive almost an hour to me and we ended up having sex. I remember regaining a shred of consciousness while *inside* her. She and my friends pieced the night together for me and I was shocked.

    I remember almost nothing from the night except for holding onto one of the brass bars to not fall and when I came to. I had to apologize to all of my friends, the woman I had just met, the saint bar tender, and one Uber driver. There is simply no logical reason I would have been that intoxicated that rapidly while I was only drinking Bud Light at a leisurely pace. My text messages from that night were also out of character, made little to no sense, and sent text messages I regret to people I didn’t want to. I was truly shocked at how much time I absolutely do not remember anything and how I acted. I’m thankful I had my friends with me and nothing truly awful happened.

  31. Was chatting it up with a nurse at a bar many many years ago, wound up in the ER after she slipped something into my drink.

  32. Where I live a common attack against men in shebeens(informal pubs) is to lace the victims drink with brake fluid.