What Hell Are They Creating?

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+1537 – What Hell Are They Creating?

2022-06-23 23:16:49

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  1. I don’t understand why ppl have such a hard on for the 2nd amendment but dgaf about any of the other ones. I get it, guns are fun and make you feel cool, but got damn. I don’t want my kids going to school with armed teachers and shit. Nothing about that feels safe

  2. The right wing justices have a mandate from their backers. Allow corporations to do whatever they like. Ensure “Christian values” are enshrined into law. Allow every “Patriot” to own as many guns as they can afford. Make sure that Republicans hold local, state and federal government power in perpetuity. Rinse and repeat. They don’t care if chaos ensues. It’s a feature not a bug.

  3. This is some wild wild west incorrect christian dogma bullshit fantasyland where the dangerous-but-gentle crusader cowboy tips his hat and gets every woman pregnant with his smolder

  4. Rich whyte America did two things very on purpose, let the c0nfederacy go largely unpunished and invited [email protected] to America to build the intelligence wing of our government. The result is a government designed to keep rich whyte dudes in power. The best way to keep specifically the RICH whyte dudes in power, convince the poor descendants of the c0nferderacy that *insert random minority* is the cause of all their problems and letting the [email protected] founded intelligence agencies do basically whatever they want as long as it benefits the rich people.

  5. They truly honestly believe that by doing shit like this then it makes God happy and then God will shine his blessings on us… We are stuck here with these fucking idiots

  6. They want to maintain their power. People who have kids (and no way to stop having them) are too underwater taking care of their families to do much else.
    Sick people aren’t any use to them because they can’t work, let ‘Em die, there’s plenty more where they came from.

    They want us afraid, and tired, and without any personal agency. We are headed for serfdom if we’re lucky.

  7. They want the hand maidens tail. That’s literally what they want. My friend always says I’m reaching when I say this but some the shows and movies that we watch (and praise) that have “sympathetic” villans or “thoughtful” dystopias have people who watch and like that shit unironically.

    There people ( conservatives) that watched the handmaiden’s tail and felt Inspired to make that shit real.

    Just like they are people who watch Homelander on the boys and unironically root for him to kill “all the snowflakes”. And legit wish they could be him.

    The other side isn’t that creative (which is why they aren’t alot of them in Hollywood) and all these dark gritty shows are just giving them ideas. I promis you that’s what it is.

  8. Please vote. I know it seems folly even now but please just fucking vote. Numbers matter. Not all of us whites agree with the egregious and blatant policies and plans being set out by our “lawmakers”.

  9. Something along the lines of “Mad Max: Fury Road”

    Except it’s not a dazzling spectacle of modern cinematic perfection. It’s a living hell we’re watching unfold.

  10. Pretty easy for me to imagine. A pure theocracy where you follow their religion or are jailed, and add some guns.

  11. States have been able to regulate people carrying a concealed gun for hundreds of years now suddenly the 2nd amendment prevents that? This is a radical opinion departing hundreds of years of history and tradition ( tradition which they used to justify abortion ruling, which also said states can regulate abortions but now they can’t regulate guns). Wildly inconsistent

  12. They need more poor folks to shoot each other in the street so they can enslave them in prisons for the rest of their lives. Their own worlds don’t change because of these policies. They don’t need abortions or guns or healthcare. They have the money to pay for birth control or nannies or private secret abortions. They gave the money for security and protection. They can pay out of pocket for any healthcare even though they don’t need to because they get it for free from the fucking government. They don’t live in the real world so they don’t care what happens to it.

  13. The type of World where the people with their skin, who hide the money and have created their own legal system can use the paperbag people (and darker) as disposable. Target practice. Slavery by any other word isn’t *slavery* now is it? (To them)

    They want us disposable, but they don’t want to run out of us, hence the babies. They don’t want us to heal because the broken are easier to keep down than the healthy. The whole system they have compiled is leading them to that moment.

    What we, the collective needs, is to realize that ALL of the system is made up anyway. Everything from the paper scraps we use to pay for things to the heirarchy. Our strength is in numbers. We will lose some of those fighting the fight, but the flaw in their precious system has made it to where they almost certainly guaranteed that there will be too many of us to fend off.

    This country’s hypocrisy is disgusting and they don’t even worry about hiding it.

    Stay strong Brothers and Sisters, they don’t even realize that by tearing us out of the ground they are helping us move closer to our time to shine in the Sun.

    Stay safe. Much love and positive energies.

  14. They think if all these policies are enacted white/‘good minorities’ will rise above and succeed at levels that are indisputable. It’s just going to create more chaos, and the sad part is it will always be immigrants or minorities or political correctness fault. They set us up for failure on several levels.

  15. Total freedom to carry a gun if you have the right skin color. Even if you’re carrying legally with no priors, black man with a gun will get shot out of fear.

  16. They are creating a white supremacist, theocratic oligarchy.

    Privatize public services for the benefit of the investor class. Ban abortions and strip funding from any programs that would help children thrive so people to turn to the church for charity. And of course, unfettered gundamentaliam so they can shoot first, ask questions later when “threatened” by a POC.

  17. Seriously, one where evil white men can rape women and shoot young people of color and sleep soundly knowing that even if the raped women gets away, or the black man doesn’t die, they have ruined their life or made it significantly harder. It’s maliciousness

  18. If you’re expecting a clear line of thought that flows thru these issues and connects the logic of these decisions into a cohesive and constructive movement… I’m sorry to be the one to inform you of the shortsighted and reactionary nature of the people championing these issues.

  19. They get to do whatever they want to whoever they want and nobody else has any rights to say any different. That is whay they want and where the conservative right is taking this country. Then you say anybody can carry a gun in this country but that is not really true. All a person has to say after they kill a person of color is that they were in fear of their life and they get away with it. Also there can’t be a video of them hunting down the person first (except police).

  20. I think they need to truly separate religion and state…and none of that churches should pay taxes…they should stay out of politics 100%…like at some point we need to make AI for these things cause humans can’t be trusted .

  21. A society that is a living hell and where everyone is armed to the teeth… this will surely end well for everyone. -.-

  22. I mean, you could flip that argument, and aside from the aversion of personal bias, it’d make the same sense. Possibly the greatest problem with society is the belief that “I’m” right, all the time, in all the things. I think it, I feel it, I believe it, therefore it is so, and if you don’t think, feel, or believe what I do, you’re automatically, categorically, conclusively wrong. It’s really low-grade narcissism, and it’s stymying a lot of our potential growth, development, and advancement.

  23. I constantly ask on r/Conservative what the end game is, or what their perfect world looks like. I never ever get an answer.

  24. back to the future 2 based alt-1985 biff on trump, and now trump has gotten the republicans to want back to the future 3 to be real.