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2022-06-23 12:39:15

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  1. When I watch football with my husband I look at the live stream subreddit for his favorite sports team so I can say smart stuff about the game.

  2. My wife did this, but she did tell me she looked it up after. I still appreciate that she did it

  3. My wife does this for me and it’s the best thing ever she will wait till I’m just the right amount of frustration so I don’t rage quite but also so it’s not super easy because we both love video games so much we play everything together. #bestwifeever #falloutislife

  4. Been doing this myself for ages. I’m pretty sure he knows but he’s never said anything, just gratefully taken my advice without questioning why I would know that he needs to go that one specific direction and hit one nondescript rock.

  5. Me and hubby play video games together all the time, our fav are RPGs and I’m designated googler for when we get stuck. Teamwork makes the dream work!!

  6. I like the *content* of this post, but I have to downvote because I hate the word “hubby.” Probably my least favorite word in the English language.

    (Luckily my wife hates it even more than I do, so no threat of it being said in our house.)

  7. “when malenia goes up in the air, circle around her to the left a little and then roll to her right right when she starts up the attack.”

    thanks babe.

  8. I probably wouldn’t like this actually, I generally want to solve the puzzle myself. I mean I’d tolerate it cause that’s how you solve puzzles when other people are present, if they want to solve it, they’re gonna try suggesting things, we can’t help ourselves. Just internally I’d rather not have the back seat gaming. Some of my favorite puzzles had perseveration as a key

    Course it’d probably still be good for me, I can perseverate for *days.*