World Cup: Qatar will enforce sex ban for unmarried couples….

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+22701 – World Cup: Qatar will enforce sex ban for unmarried couples. 7 years in jail if caught.

2022-06-23 12:25:19

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732 shares, 855 points


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  1. What they going to do, send people around to spy on couples while they are doing and ask to see a marriage license

  2. I hope there is great empty sections in the stadiums, that will show FIFA they are ruining the game we love. Fuck this.

  3. So have sex before marriage get caught go to prison and get screwed by your cell mate for 7 years? Sounds like a win win.

  4. So I have to ask, unless there are too many exhibitionist couples in Qatar, how do they intend to catch people doing the dirty? Are they going to bust into their bedrooms late at night screaming “Anti-Fuck police, cease your thrusting!”?

  5. Bloated international sporting events that can’t exist without massive corruption need to go away. Looking at you too IOC.

  6. Random guy *” so what are you in for”*

    Murder *” I killed 80 people with a spoon, you???

    Random guy *” giving a woman a rimjob*”

    Murder *” guards get me out of this cell away from this monster*”

  7. How do they plan to enforce this? Wedding ring scan? Require copies of marriage certificates when booking a room for 2 people? Cameras everywhere? Surprise inspections? I get that they’re a religious country, but that rule is going to be hard to enforce.

  8. Gotta stop hosting in shit ass 4th world countries with draconian laws just because they have money….

    So stupid. Fuck FIFA not watching this shit.

  9. and this is why world sport events should not be held in this kind of big money shit show countries