Wow- this sub is way more toxic than I gave it credit for.

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+628 – When I see a fat dasher- i’m like “go you”. When I see an old dasher- i’m like “go you”. When I see a disabled or handicapped dasher- i’m like “go you”. When I see those weird dashers that look like they have NEVER had a functioning social life, i’m like “go you”.

Doordash has been dope because it’s allowed everyone to say FU to unrealistic expectations, to unsafe & unprofessional workplaces, and make an income on their own terms. Maybe we’re broke(ish) and tired, but we’re still out here grinding and getting bills paid.

So what if they’re fat? Or old? Or weird? Leave them alone and respect the hustle. Some of you guys are gross.

2022-05-16 16:40:00

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  1. Humanity would do well to stop putting so much focus on others and only worrying about themselves. Misery loves company, however, unfortunately.

  2. Are you seeing bigoted or prejudiced posts and comments? I haven’t seen much of it. Mods better lock that shit down if it becomes an issue.

    I’m here to shit on dashers with crappy attitudes toward the jobs, but it’s a different level if they’re choosing to crap on people themselves

  3. Not directly related to your specific reference to personal appearance, age or handicap, but in general, what one driver does (or doesn’t do) impacts all drivers.

    If a driver is unprofessional, or unethical, or lackadaisical, it reflects poorly on all drivers. For that reason alone, most drivers are not going to be overly sympathetic to an argument that everyone should just be allowed to “make an income on their own terms”.

  4. What’s funny is you are judging these people as well. Just because someone is fat old or awkward they don’t need a condescending “go you”.

  5. I haven’t seen toxic posts or maybe the mods get to them in advance.

    There used to be the daily talk sessions. These seem to have disappeared. Anyone know why?

  6. Yeah, I feel like at least half of this sub is fucking miserable and probably lacks empathy. More posts than not are drivers shitting on customers who don’t tip, complaining about their pay or rates, or shitting on the few positive posts that make it to this sub. I really don’t understand it. If this sub hates DD so much, why are y’all still doing it??

  7. They hate the dangers who make more than 700 a week as well cant forget the dashers who accept too many orders or the ones who lifetime delivery is more than theirs lol

  8. I’ve never understood the negative attitude toward other Dashers of any kind. Whenever I see another person picking up in my area I always say hi and have even made some friends out of it over the years.

    Everyone has a story. We all need to support each other and if you can’t manage to do that then just keep your negativity to yourself.

  9. agreed. i saw someone post a pic of some random dashers shoes making fun of them…what is the point in that?? stop taking pics of strangers and stop posting them for no reason. so weird to me.

  10. I just culled a bunch of bullshit from the “porch post” and a fellow mod has been deleting and banning. This sub is something else. Fucking internet. 😂🤦🏼‍♀️

  11. I only critique appearance in dashers with like…are they clean, and professional in the way they interact with staff and customers. Nothing else matters to me. Can’t say I’ve seen much of the contrary on here either.

    but I also think like anyone wanting to give the big FU to corporate America think again. I love the flexibility DD offers, but it’s not like they’re not ripping us off at every turn.

  12. 18 or 80 years old. As long as they do their job, and does it right. It shouldn’t matter. We don’t know their story.

  13. 18 or 80 years old. As long as they do their job, and does it right. It shouldn’t matter. We don’t know their story.

  14. You’re indirectly referencing the broken porch post right?

    Does it seem like that guy should be doing this job? The only thing involved aside from driving is walking to and from a vehicle, potentially up several flights of stairs, which looked like absolute torture for him.

    The base sub has had several examples of dashers asking customers to come down to their car to avoid stairs – because the dasher was too seasoned or portly to manage themselves. Is that ok for this job?

    I don’t care if you’re aged or rotund, but if it prevents you from actually completing the job, it absolutely is a problem.

  15. I love seeing elderly couples out Dashing……

    Hopefully more because they want to and not need to….

    Staying busy I think is important in those later years.

  16. I’m honestly surprised your post has 146 upvotes as I’m typing this. I posted a few days ago, got a whole bunch of comments from people interacting and the upvotes were at zero. People are weird.

  17. I mean I was working construction outside in the elements 7-4 Monday- Friday busting my ass making less than what I’m making now. Plus I’m not miserable and exhausted when I get home anymore. People respected me more when I did construction but I don’t give a single fuck. I’m way happier and making better money

  18. The only thing I’ve ever seen is people saying “if you can’t physically make it up there flights of stairs, this isn’t the job for you.” I don’t think that’s toxic. It’s true.

  19. Give me a “weird” Dasher every single hour of every single day over a Top Dasher ruining my market by happily accepting $5 stacked orders to Chipolte & Dollar General 16 miles total in the middle of a Sunday afternoon when it’s 104 degrees out with $4.39 gas and your phone not working because it’s too hot.

    If it’s anyone that needs to be mocked – it’s the latter.

  20. This world is so dark. Humanity is horrible to each other. A world of compassion would have so much more happiness

  21. How hard is it to ignore that stuff? Don’t bother going around trying to police and clean up negativity on the Internet. A) You’re not the Reddit police AND B) you’re signing up for a thankless task that never ends.

  22. >to say FU to unrealistic expectations, to unsafe & unprofessional workplaces

    Uh, you sure you’re a doordash driver? I’ve had jobs in all sorts of fields. Doordash has them beat in unrealistic expectations and lack of safety in spades.