Yuji Naka just confirmed Michael Jackson was indeed involved…

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+2297 – Yuji Naka just confirmed Michael Jackson was indeed involved with working on Sonic 3’s music back then

2022-06-23 12:47:35

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  1. Wasn’t it not supposed to be openly said? Or else it would open the the door to a lot of legal problems?

  2. I love how Yuji Naka just stopped giving a fuck and now has no chill on Twitter

    “hey guys Square Enix fucked up Balan Wonderworld”

    “hey guys SEGA denies it but Michael Jackson’s music was used in Sonic 3 final lmao”

    LOL he’s not stopping, he flat out says “we(SEGA) went to [Jackson’s] house”, and drops a pic from their visit: https://twitter.com/nakayuji/status/1539953249762979842?s=21&t=xCiHzYoDKObt2szsQWwA-g

    And he makes it explicitly clear that he was pointing out how SEGA’s official TikTok used MJ music today: https://twitter.com/nakayuji/status/1539982336850157568?s=21&t=xCiHzYoDKObt2szsQWwA-g

  3. I thought that we already knew that Michael Jackson was involved with working on Sonic 3’s music, before Yuji Naka’s tweet?

  4. Guess it’s not too surprising that a basic tweet is how this ends after all these years of it being all but confirmed.

  5. To be fair, wasn’t Ice Cap Zone’s theme based off an unfinished song from Buxer’s band The Jetzons? Why isn’t it in the game?! That song could have made it into the game, right??? RIGHT?!?! :'(

    EDIT: some pointed out that the song “wasn’t unfinished”, but I meant back then…
    EDIT 2: @nambot pointed out the song was actually “unreleased” (not necessarily unfinished but still) from way before S3 production.

  6. I love how casual he is about it, lol. Then again, being fired by the enforcers might do that to you…

  7. About Michael Jackson I remember the Moonwalker game for Sega, I liked it a lot, I used to go to my neighbor just to play it

  8. Me – “Hey I’ve seen this one before, this is a classic!”

    SEGA – “What do you mean you seen this? This is brand new!”

  9. he is talking about a tiktok by SEGA that featured an actual song by Jackson (Billie Jean), not the music in the game. he thought it was a hint that the tracks would not change.

  10. I want to be famous and do good music like Michael Jackson and let SEGA and Sonic Team uses it in Sonic’s game too.

  11. I know it’s super old, but I encourage anyone who is a Sonic and MJ fan to check out this video that explores more about it:


    Pop Fiction got me into the whole Gaming history and research type stuff thats popular nowadays. And even though it’s been confirmed, I think they present the evidence in a great way.

  12. Is this the first time someone who is or used to work at Sega has openly acknowledged that Jackson’s music made it in to the final product of Sonic 3?

  13. Why do people always act like this is news? we’ve known for over a decade, Sega confirmed it back when Jackson died. Several people credited in the game worked with Jackson and confirmed his involvement in interviews. The book Console Wars talked all about it

  14. Pffft. Charging $5 for DLC for ‘original music’ and can’t even include the original for S3&K. Sega has no shame.

  15. Aren’t like. All but two tracks in sonic 3 the same as the original, I’m beginning to really not like Yuji Naka also, the square Enix stuff has gone nowhere and if he truly was taken away half-way through development then what the fuck was he doing? Because the gameplay was still bad and if he wants to say he’s not responsible for it then what was he responsible for? And the Michael Jackson thing. Considering so many tracks are the same bar ice cap and carnival zone tells me MJ had less involvement in sonic 3 than everyone thinks, infact he may have even ripped off songs he didn’t legally own as I believe one of them uses the rhythm of the final boss music which is still present in origins.