zeri mid AP in LFL

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+970 – zeri mid AP in LFL

2022-06-23 19:40:53

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  1. Riot: Xerath mage, can’t have mobility, mana gated for early push.

    Also, Riot: Zeri ADC, but can build hybrid and do more long range damage and have insane mobilty along with it. AP Kaisa from earlier this year was nothing. It was more burst than pre durability patch Corki. Why are two ADC allowed to build AP and do more long distance AP poke is beyond me. Probably, the most cancerous thing I have seen in a long time.

  2. Riot: We’re going to completely rework Nidalee because throwing long-range spears for big-dick damage is uninteractive and unfun.

    Rito: Old Zoe, AP Kai’Sa, AP Zeri.

  3. Honestly, I just don’t understand why it always crits when going through a wall, rather than scaling off crit chance. That’s what makes the AP variant so absurd and makes it feel less skillful, rather than a way to reward crit Zeri for positioning herself and making good use for her W.

  4. Zeri W change was so unsatisfying. Like if you are playing against Zeri it just makes it really annoying to position because if you get clipped by it you are taking at least 1/4 of your health bar on a low CD. I’ve played Zeri as well and while it’s cool to see the enemy HP dissapear (and I’ve oneshotted squishy champs with this lol), its not really satisfying to just spam the ability and miss like 3 times, but then hit it once and it doesn’t even matter that you missed because they cannot fight anymore.

  5. Absolutely disgusting, more obnoxious poke than AP Corki/Kaisa, but props to Eika for playing it so well.

  6. Because Sivir, Kaisa, Corki, and Xayah getting turned into degenerate poke champions wasn’t enough, now we have AP Zeri! :))

  7. Her W has a higher AD Ratio than AP Ratio to compensate for Low AD items (ex 40-70ad) vs high AP items (ex 80-100ap). This build utilizes the High ad items and High AP/Pen items.

  8. Fun game to watch lol

    What a cancer ! XD I wonder if we’ll see this in other major leagues ?

  9. They really shouldn’t have made her W crit through terrain. I understand buffing her crit build, but why would you just give her W such a huge buff like this? If anything, they could have made her W scale with crit, instead of a 75% damage buff through walls.

  10. Yeah, I encountered this in a game some time last week. First thought of mine… well, maybe second thought, cuz first thought was “OMFG!” when she clipped like 80% of my HP with that skill. I was wondering why Riot has to give her crazy AP ratios when she’s meant to be an ADC. The Zeri I was facing wasn’t even good. So can you imagine what it’d be like in the hands of someone better.

  11. I hate playing against it but I also hope it becomes somewhat popular and shakes up the meta

  12. One chat line I saw definitely sounds very appropriate. *”Ils ont cassé le jeu”* – which is French for “They’ve broken the game!”

  13. It was fun to watch. A bit sad that it was in one of the biggest games of the league, rematch of the EUM finals. It made it kinda unfair.

  14. I have a huge respect for ldlc to pull this off. So many meta slave teams and eika pulls off the flex pick into ap zeri and picking phase 2 kalista to invalidate ezreal. I have no idea why we see so little flex picks these last years.

  15. Champions designed for AD should not have a single AP scaling and vice versa. It has never been lead to healthy gameplay.

  16. first gwen now zeri can riot stop buff these abomination of a champion when they absolutely don’t need it, pls nerf corki too i just can’t stand this champion

  17. If this game was made and balanced by a serious company whoever designed this monstrosity and did every patch since she came out would be fired and this joke of a champ would be deleted from the game but its riot so.. they ll probably make another champ as moronic.. oh wait Nilah or whatever the fk she s called ‘s coming out.. well wadaya know.

    zed has to triple q you to be able to kill you with 3 items against exhaust stopwatch zhonyas shieldbow crown or you having 1 singular functioning braincell to not be out of position to give him the opportunity in the first place and hasnt won a competitive game since faker killed ryu but this shit’s allowed to exist. and before this it was kaisa, and it still is corki, and before that it was gwen, and before that it was fuck knows what.

    heard the clowns on The Dive today, i ve never seen more out of touch and out of sorts people talk about something they re supposed to be experts at and sound so clueless in my life.

  18. It’s a very dodgeable ability. If Riot guts it, that’s just sad. Item Build diversity is already so low..